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Attenuation Gloves

Radiation Attenuation Gloves

KEP radiation attenuation gloves are trusted by medical professionals for use in doctors’ offices and hospitals nationwide. Manufactured for the medical and surgical industries in accordance with the highest safety and compliance standards, our attenuation gloves provide increased protection from direct x-ray beam and scattered radiation during procedures.

Reduced Exposure

Attenuation gloves are necessary during any procedure requiring the use of fluoroscopy or radiology – imaging techniques that generate live moving pictures or images using X-rays for patient diagnosis and other medical uses.

Manufactured to reduce exposure to harmful radiation, KEP attenuation gloves provide superior performance coupled with great flexibility. These gloves are ideal for use during medical procedures and when handling delicate instruments because they allow for dexterity and touch sensitivity.

Attenuation Gloves Properties

KEP attenuation gloves are dip-molded from our K-140 compound. K-140 is made with natural rubber latex and tungsten. Tungsten provides radiation attenuation and helps fully protect a medical professional’s hands from ionizing radiation and allows them to safely and effectively perform procedures.

KEP attenuation gloves are black and manufactured to be powder-free. Powder-free reduces irritation and prevents the release of powder particles into the air which can contribute to a potential source of contamination which can be very risky during medical procedures.

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