What started as a cartoon project for an email icebreaker is now something bigger. 

The phrase category captains originates in retail. A category captain is a business recognized for having demonstrably enhanced category sales and profits for the retailers they serve. To be viewed as a category captain, these retailers must understand the category, know the customer, deliver creative flair, and last but not least, deliver results.

But why should retail get all of the great service and high quality products? Category Captains is also an ownable phrase in manufacturing. 

What separates the captain from the rest is in understanding ALL that matters, not just the part that’s visible. Experience, conscientiousness and intelligence help KEP captains see what’s beneath. KEP’s Strategic Alliance Team, comprised of Cindy Harry and Brad Huntley, personify this service. They are both dedicated to enhancing the profitability and productivity of the clients they serve. 

In this series, our Category Captains will be addressing many of the hidden concerns of manufacturing – so stay tuned!

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