New Coiler Brings Exciting Growth

This month, our team is gearing up to commission a brand new dual spindle, automatic cut and transfer coiler (Vulcan SLC Series Coiler) which adds innovation to our extrusion department. The addition of this new technology will bring HUGE improvements to our processes and benefits to our customers. Keep reading to learn more!

The Mechanics: Let’s get to the technical stuff! The Vulcan SLC Series Coiler is a two spindle, turret type unit.  The extruded tubing is delivered to the coiler through a contactless (ultrasonic) dancer.  The dancer provides automatic spindle speed control, creating a slack loop position resulting in virtually tensionless coiling. Adjustable levels of tension can be achieved by adding mechanical weights to a low inertia dancer roller system included as part of the dancer. The coiler is equipped with an automatic cut-and-transfer system designed to rapidly transfer product from a full reel to an empty reel without disrupting the coiling process.

Benefits for KEP: This update will increase the efficiency of our extrusion process and allow for more capabilities. Whereas with the old process, our team could only reel 25 feet of tubing at a time – they will now be able to complete various configurations. The capability to reel in massive quantities allows our team to work smarter, not harder! Our new coiler can spool in-line tubing and then switch to another reel without having to slow down or cut production. 

Customer Advantage: Gone are the days of our valued customers receiving tubing rolled up in a box. We are thrilled to usher in a more pleasant, efficient process of delivering our tubing coiled on a reel! Upon delivery, customers can hook up the spool so that it is rolled out as needed, rather than taking out the wound-up tubing from the box to sit somewhere. Not only that but improvements in efficiencies and capabilities for KEP will always benefit our customers. Thanks to our new technology, we can spend more time focusing on how to serve our clients best – giving them what they need on time.

KEP leads the way in today’s tubing and dip-molding manufacturing operations from three efficient Ohio facilities located in Kent, Mogadore, and Winesburg. Learn more about our products today! >

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