New Packaging New Capabilities - Medical & Food Grade Tubing

New Reeler Offers More Capabilities And Benefits To Customers

We are thrilled to introduce KEP’s latest offering – spooled medical, biopharma, and food grade tubing! Our new packaging option allows for longer lengths of tubing to be purchased on one spool, ranging from 250 to 1,000 feet. By reducing handling and potential contamination, this option gives you an easy and controlled payout during use. Additionally, spooled tubing reduces changeovers and can potentially lower costs depending on product size and line speed adjustments. We are excited to provide this new packaging option to our customers as a way to meet their unique needs and increase efficiency in their operations!

There are a few other benefits to purchasing longer length spooled tubing, including:

Reduced Waste: With longer lengths of tubing on spools, customers can cut the tubing to the desired length, which can reduce waste and save costs.

Increased Productivity: Since spooled tubing comes in longer lengths, it may help increase productivity by reducing downtime due to frequent changeovers.

Improved Storage: Spooled tubing takes up less space than coiled tubing, which can be beneficial for customers with limited storage space.

Customizable Lengths: Spooled tubing can be cut to the exact length needed for the application, which provides greater flexibility and customization options for customers.

Overall, spooled tubing provides a number of benefits to customers, including reduced handling and contamination potential, decreased changeovers, potentially lower costs, increased productivity, improved storage, and customizable lengths.

KEP leads the way in today’s tubing and dip-molding manufacturing operations from three efficient Ohio facilities located in Kent, Mogadore, and Winesburg.

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