November 2022 Anniversaries

As we’re giving thanks this month, we can’t forget about our devoted team members who are celebrating work anniversaries! Thank you to all who joined our team in November – whether it was last year or decades ago. This month, Donald Tomello is celebrating 25 years of service and April Butcher just hit 20 years – thank you for all of your hard work! Gloria Miller and Randy Collins have also been huge assets to our team for 5 years now. KEP wouldn’t be the same without these amazing people! 

Donald Tomello – Kent – 25 years on 11/17

Gregory Graham – Mogadore – 21 years on 11/26

April Butcher – Mogadore – 20 years on 11/08

Carrie Ewart – Mogadore – 13 years on 11/30

Randy Collins – Kent – 5 years on 11/01

Gloria Miller – Winesburg – 5 years on 11/06

Zachary Vance – Winesburg – 4 years on 11/14

Tammy Tomello – Kent – 3 years on 11/14

Stephen Erichsen – Kent – 3 years on 11/22

Laura Borntrager – Winesburg – 3 years on 11/25

James Brown – Winesburg – 2 years on 11/18

Robert Dalton Jr. – Kent – 1 year on 11/01

Jesus Martinez Jr. – Winesburg – 1 year on 11/02

Gladys Batz Macz – Winesburg – 1 year on 11/04

Mark Rossow – Mogadore – 1 year on 11/12

Samuel Berger – Kent – 1 year on  11/15

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