We’re not going to let “Spooky Season” pass us by without celebrating KEP team members with October anniversaries. It would be awfully frightening to not have these awesome people on our teams!

Out of this spooky great group, Brenda Carrick is celebrating 44 YEARS with KEP this month! As an Inspector in our Winesburg facility, Brenda works hard to ensure that our latex tubing meets our high standards for quality and consistency. Thank you for all that you do, Brenda!

Brenda Carrick – Winesburg – 44 years on 10/31
Sheryl Schrock – Winesburg – 35 years on 10/13
John Danes – Kent – 34 years on 10/26
Tammy Goolsby – Winesburg – 24 years on 10/19
Mike Jones – Kent – 12 years on 10/5
Joshua Harstine – Winesburg – 4 years on 10/17
Bertha Aronhalt – Winesburg – 4 years on 10/18
Kenneth Jarvis II – Kent – 4 years on 10/19
Timothy Hawkins – Mogadore – 3 years on 10/29
Melanie Day – Winesburg – 2 years on 10/22
Melissa Lacreta – Winesburg – 2 years on 10/28
Lee Ann Mace – Kent – 2 years on 10/28
Lois Harmon – Winesburg – 1 year on 10/6

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