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Our Spectacular Support Team

Have you ever tried to call a company and spent 10 minutes trying to navigate their voice message, desperately attempting to get a hold of any real human? We’ve been there. Too many companies make it impossible to actually speak with them and exhaust their customers in the process. That’s why KEP set out to do the opposite – we never want you to dread a phone call to our company! 

“Our Sales Support Team is the very best in the industry,” says Joe Williamson, VP of Sales & Marketing. “At KEP, the customer experience we aim to provide is friendly, resourceful, and transparent. The true test of any business’ service experience is not when things are going well, but rather what is done when things go wrong. Throughout COVID, our goal was to over-communicate well and to provide positive, consistent experiences for both new and existing customers. We found it to be exactly what our customers wanted. The consistency in our communication cadence created customer confidence, which then led to loyalty and retention.” 

So, who are the people that make KEP’s customer experience so special? Meet Sara, Karly, and Lee Ann! They work together to ensure all customer communication is handled properly.


Sara is a Sales Support Specialist at our Kent office and mainly works with our East Coast accounts. She is quick and responsive – always a trustworthy source of information for customers and other employees! 


Karly is also a Sales Support Specialist at our Kent facility. Her job is to provide service and support for all customers, while managing current customer accounts and relationships. She mainly assists with West Coast accounts – so if that’s you, you will talk to Karly after connecting with Lee Ann!

Lee Ann 

Lee Ann is our Kent Administrative Assistant, whose most important job is to provide a friendly and enjoyable first point of contact for new and existing customers! The most favorite part of her job is the opportunity to connect with so many of our amazing customers. 

This trio operates like a well-oiled machine! They enjoy working together and are always willing to help each other out. Sara shared, “I believe our end-goal is to serve our customers and I think that’s why we work well together.” With their eyes on the prize of pleasing our customers, there’s nothing they can’t accomplish together! 

Here’s a few last things that are important to know when it comes to our Sales Support Team: 

  • A real person will always answer the phone. That friendly “hello” you hear will make your day! Lee Ann will chat with you and then connect you with another employee if needed!
  • We are accountable to a 24 hour response time. Whether you contact us through our website, email, or phone – our goal is to get back to you as soon as possible, but always within 24 hours! We hold ourselves to this standard internally as well, that way a customer’s project or inquiry never gets stalled.
  • There are two people tied to every account. This way there will always be two people to listen, take notes, follow up, and ensure everything is taken care of. Our employees work in tandem, so if someone is out, the other can easily keep things moving.
  • Everyone in the company is on the sales team. We have established a culture where every Team Member buys into the concept, everyone understands their role in the sales process and how they support successful delivery of any customer inquiry. This is why we have Sales Support Specialists and not customer service reps. They do so much more than answer phones and place orders, they take great pride in what they do as master facilitators!
  • We don’t believe in decision trees. Our call team is cross-trained to take a call from anyone. They can look up accounts, understand their customers account history with KEP, make a decision, and keep things going!

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