Bet You Didn’t Know We’re Out Back in the Barn!

Did you know our products have a great reputation—even out in the barn?

KEP manufactures extra strength loops that come with castration and horn removal kits. Our tubing is used in a product which is recommended by veterinarians, cattle producers, and others because it has a reputation as the most humane and effective bloodless castration method on the market.

Our tubing products’ strength makes them better than the competitors for delayed castration and horn removal for cattle, goats, lambs, sheep, and deer. Other products and methods can harm the animal, and the process can be very lengthy, but our specific latex tubing formulation is more than 3X stronger than surgical tubing. This strength allows for total blockage of the blood vessels, meaning less pain and stress on the animal. In addition to reducing stress, this process is bloodless and helps optimize growth for the animal.

Faster and more humane, our delayed castration tubing products yield less swelling, resulting in faster scrotal drop time and heal time than elastrator rings and surgical castration. Our tubing products are a top choice for the livestock industry, and their strength exceeds their great reputation with livestock.

This is just one example of our KEP expertise crosses over into many industries and uses. Our products support the medical, dental, and distribution industries and beyond. Every product begins with a challenge—and we’re ready for the next one—so just ask KEP.

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