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What is Polyisoprene?

As a synthetic polymer, polyisoprene is an artificial latex that is compounded to mirror the same properties as natural rubber latex. Synthetic polyisoprene compounds are commonly used as an alternative to natural rubber latex for tubing and dip-molded products.

Is Polyisoprene Latex Free?

Yes. Synthetic polyisoprene contains no allergenic latex proteins, so it is a safe alternative for individuals with latex sensitivities or applications where latex allergies are a concern – particularly the medical and surgical industries.

Polyisoprene vs Latex

Polyisoprene and natural rubber latex are versatile polymers that are common material choices due to their in-demand physical properties, including excellent flexibility, resistance to abrasion, and tensile strength. In addition to these qualities, both polymers are also well-suited for low temperatures, offer dynamic sterilization properties, and maintain good resistance to most alcohols, acids, bases, and polar solvents. 

While these compound groups do present major similarities, it is important to note that natural rubber latex offers slightly higher tensile strength, tear strength and elasticity, which make it better suited for particular applications. As compared to natural rubber latex, polyisoprene offers better processability and consistency, which lends itself to higher manufacturing efficiency and value. Learn more about synthetic polyisoprene vs. natural rubber latex.

Polyisoprene Structure

Synthetic polyisoprene is produced by the polymerization of isoprene. The structure of cis-1,4-polyisoprene, the isomer that is used for elastomer, is:

Common Uses of Polyisoprene

Polyisoprene is a common choice for products that will be used in the medical, surgical, and food and beverage industries. Specific applications include medical devices and parts, medical fluid transport tubing, surgical tubing, sports and recreation products, food and beverage tubing, and more.

Kent Elastomer Products

KEP’s K-440 synthetic polyisoprene products are manufactured to meet the demands of our customers in a wide range of industries. An ideal choice for medical and food grade applications, K-440 has been tested and passes USP XXII Biological Class VI Testing and meets recommended safety levels as specified by the United States FDA Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21.  

Want to learn more about if synthetic polyisoprene is the best choice for your application, or if another material is better suited? KEP is here to answer your questions and get you started! Contact us today.

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