Polyvinyl Chloride

KEP offers high-quality flexible PVC tubing products. Trusted by a wide range of industries, PVC offers the performance you need for a diverse set of applications.

What is PVC?

Polyvinyl chloride, also known as PVC, is a durable and versatile material that’s commonly used as an alternative to natural rubber latex. While PVC has many similar characteristics as natural rubber latex, this material can offer more stiffness than rubber which is ideal for several applications. PVC is also a great alternative to natural rubber latex for applications where latex-allergens are a concern. 

Flexible PVC tubing exhibits great abrasion resistance, flexibility, durability, stability and excellent clarity. One of the top benefits of choosing to manufacture your tubing product with flexible PVC is that it’s a cost-effective material choice.

How is PVC Made?

While the main ingredients of PVC are simple – sea salt and oil – a lot more goes into the manufacture of PVC than just combining the two. The first step is to separate the ethylene from the oil feedstock. By heating and putting liquid petroleum under extreme pressure, a change occurs in the molecular weight of the chemicals found in petroleum feedstock which allows ethylene to be identified. After this ethylene is segmented and captured, it is then cooled back down to a liquid state. Next, chlorine needs to be extracted from the sea salt. This is done by sending a strong current of electricity through the salt water solution. This current changes the molecular structure and allows chlorine to be separated and extracted. 

Now you have ethylene and chlorine. When they are reacted together, ethylene dichloride is created. After passing this through another thermal cracking process, vinyl chloride monomer is produced. Finally, this vinyl chloride monomer is reacted until polymerization occurs, or the linking of vinyl chloride monomer molecules. This process creates PVC resin.

What is PVC Used For?

Common applications for flexible PVC tubing include fluid pathway systems for medical and surgical applications, beverage transfer and dairy processing, tubing for laboratory and research facilities, distribution and industrial applications and more. PVC is not compatible for fatty food use and hot liquid use.

PVC Products from Kent Elastomer

KEP’s flexible PVC tubing products follow stringent quality standards, making them a top choice in several industries. Choose from a range of PVC compounds for our flexible PVC tubing, including FDA Food Grade compliant, USP Class IV compliant, BPA free, and DEHP and phthalate free compounds choices. Ready to get started with flexible PVC tubing extruded to your exacting specifications, or want to know if another material would be better suited for your application? Contact our experts today.

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