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Rubber, Set, Go: The Material Behind Our Sports & Fitness Goals  

Busy working on your New Year’s Resolutions? At KEP we always have a few in the works…like continuously improving our customer experience, implementing new lean initiatives and organizing more Kaizen events to improve our products and processes.

As other resolution-makers are hitting the gym and getting active outdoors this season, we at KEP are proud that our products are helping people achieve their fitness goals! Our flexible tubing is used by the Sports and Leisure industry in a range of athletic and fitness applications.

Quality Natural Rubber Latex Tubing and Equipment Components

From spear guns and fishing lines to parachutes, paintball guns, exercise bands and slingshots, Kent Elastomer partners with a variety of clients involved in the manufacturing of sports, exercise and recreational products. Plus, we’re the only U.S. manufacturer of natural rubber latex tubing, meaning high-quality, American-made solutions.

Our natural rubber latex tubing is available in a broad range of inner and outer diameters, wall thicknesses, colors and lengths. It has exceptional elasticity that maintains memory, even after repeated stretching and resistance to abrasion.

Trusted to create the most durable and versatile products for a wide range of industries – our natural rubber latex is an excellent choice for fitness and exercise equipment manufacturers and distributors. In addition to tubing, our customers rely on us for dip-molded products and components.

High-quality and durable natural rubber latex tubing and compounds like our K-911 tubing coating compound – which maintains the physical properties of natural rubber, but increases the lifespan of products as much as threefold – are the reason why our customers in the Sports and Leisure industry rely on our products.

Sports and Leisure Industry Products on the Rise

The demand for sports equipment is on the rise globally ­– According to Technavio’s Global Sports Equipment Market 2016-2020 report, the global sports equipment market will continue to grow at a CAGR of around 3% during the forecast period.

Technavio credits much of this growth in the market to our increased awareness of a healthy lifestyle and the benefits of exercise. With more people getting involved in sports and exercise, and exploring activities that were once thought of as niche in order to achieve their recreational and exercise goals, the demand for sports equipment is on the rise.

We’re excited to see what companies we’ll partner with next, and what great new products we’ll manufacture.

Lighter and More Innovative Sports Equipment

The report also credits this rise in demand to more individuals wanting lightweight sports equipment like resistance bands. This demand continues to set the tone for manufacturers who are competing to make the most lightweight, efficient sports equipment. Natural rubber latex and other materials are emerging as a popular replacement in modern sports equipment for traditional, much heavier materials like metal, wood, and steel.

Equipment made from natural rubber latex is lightweight, yet strong and durable so consumers can still get the performance they want. And more new products touting these benefits are always emerging on the market, making it a great arena for industry competition.

Innovative Solutions for the Industry

From prototype design to custom dip-molding capabilities, our experts go to work to find the best solutions for our customers in the Sports and Leisure industry. Looking to have your exercise bands made and assembled in the USA? Give us a try! Our services don’t stop at manufacturing a product that meets our customers’ exact specifications: we also offer product assembly services, custom packaging and inventory management.

Innovative solutions are fundamental to the way we do business – and the way we think. From extrusion prototypes and tubing to dip-molded products and components, our customers benefit from choosing KEP thanks to our quality products, excellent lead times and on-time, on-budget delivery.

If you need a component for your sports equipment product or want to explore our services for other industries including medical and surgical, food and beverage and beyond, we want to hear from you! Let our experts at Kent Elastomer manufacture the innovative product your company needs.



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