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Benefits of Assembly Services

Assembly services can provide significant value in several ways. Outsourcing both manufacturing and assembly to the same service provider streamlines the entire production process by reducing both time spent on transporting product from one vendor to another and the risk of supply chain disruptions that might lead to delays. Investing in assembly services also allows for greater flexibility when it comes to customization: Working with an expert means tapping into a wide range of assembly capabilities without having to purchase any equipment or hire a specialized in-house team. Leveraging the skill, efficiency, and capabilities of a dedicated assembly services provider results in a more streamlined process, a more efficient timeline, and a more diverse array of options to choose from.

Rubber Assembly Process

The natural rubber assembly process in manufacturing will be unique for every product, due to the many nuances that must be considered. For example, there may be sanitation or compliance requirements or narrow margins required. Some joints or connections can be assembled tightly, whereas others require a gentler technique. The ideal assembly process will incorporate all of these considerations and leverage the best technology and resources available to ensure a compliant, reliable product that performs as intended without error. Read a case study about a unique assembly challenge >

Manual Assembly Services

Manual assembly services are ideal for highly precise assembly processes that require the delicacy and finesse of human hands. Manual assembly services are designed around the skills and experience of a highly experienced team of assembly professionals. Like automated assembly processes, manual assembly processes are also optimized for efficiency, with bottlenecks and delays removed to ensure the best possible timeline and an effective final product.

Semi-Automated Assembly Services

Semi-automated assembly services combine manual and automated processes to create a highly customized assembly process that leverages the advantages of both. The balance of manual versus automated steps in a semi-automated process varies dramatically, from minor human involvement to a primarily manual process that only incorporates automated assembly technology at one or two stages. For example, a human operator may simply be responsible for loading and loading the system, or a team of assembly professionals may handle many delicate steps. Semi-automated assembly processes offer the best of both worlds, with ample flexibility to optimize for efficiency and precision.

Automated Assembly Services

Automated assembly technology becomes more sophisticated every year. Automated assembly services leverage this technology to create a streamlined assembly process that requires very little, if any, human intervention. This all but eliminates the risk of human error. Additionally, automated assembly processes are extremely efficient and, depending on the product, can reduce production timelines. That level of efficiency can be a tremendous competitive advantage, especially in industries with short production cycles.

Fully Assembled Components From KEP

Kent Elastomer Products (KEP) is proud to offer a wide range of advanced assembly services for products of all kinds. Our facilities are equipped for full-service assembly of everything from small, precise tubing to larger dip-molded products for a wide range of industries and applications.

KEP is highly strategic about investing in cutting-edge automated assembly technology, so we can always offer the best possible services to our valued customers. Additionally, our manual assembly team is composed of highly skilled professionals with many years of experience. As a result, KEP can leverage both manual and automated assembly techniques to design a custom assembly process that’s optimized for efficiency, precision, and quality.

The team at KEP welcomes simple requests as well as unique and challenging projects. To learn more about our capabilities and discuss a custom assembly process for your product, talk to a member of our team >