Strategies for Successful Procurement Partnerships, Part 1 of 4 - Kent Elastomer Products

Trust and Character:
The New Bottom Line in Procurement

Part 1 of Strategies for Successful Procurement Partnerships

In the first of our 4-part procurement series, Joe Williamson, our Sr. Director of Global Sales and Customer Operations, examines “beyond the bid” to show how procurement is about more than settling the lowest bid and about discovering the true value of productive, long-term, win-win relationships with great suppliers.

In this White Paper, you’ll learn:

  • How truly excellent procurement methodology takes into account the concerns of engineering, quality assurance, manufacturing, CEO and other businesses. Learn how to look identify needs and match them to the perfect procurement partner.
  • The days of procurement being concerned with solely the lowest bid are over. Learn how to seek out a partnership – not just a product.
  • How successful are your SRMs? Learn how to be a great supplier relationship manager.
  • How and when to open up your processes to suppliers. Help them understand your pains. In turn, save time and learn more about them. Assess who is willing to grow with you. Know your supplier’s character.
  • Your entire supply chain – and your legal status – can be put in jeopardy by unscrupulous suppliers who break legal and regulatory guidelines, such as bribery.

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