Strategies for Successful Procurement Partnerships, Part 2 of 4 - Kent Elastomer Products

Know Your Supplier:
How to Experience Transparency & Accountability

Part 2 of Strategies for Successful Procurement Partnerships

In this white paper, Joe Williamson, our Sr. Director, Global Sales & Customer Operations, examines how to build better supplier relationships, effectively onboard and manage suppliers, and use the right tools for evaluating and pruning supplier lists.

In this White Paper, you’ll learn how to:

  • Effectively manage suppliers that share your company’s values.
  • Discover the right digital tools to empower SRM and assess suppliers.
  • Choose technology and processes to evaluate suppliers.
  • Develop criteria to discover additional capabilities and prune supplier lists.
  • Build an effective onboarding portal for suppliers.
  • Maintain an active, two-way relationship with suppliers.

Know Your Supplier: How to Experience Transparency & Accountability

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