Successful Client Relationships

One of our highest priorities as a company is cultivating healthy client relationships. We love celebrating success stories – times where our thriving connections have led to increased trust or business.

One success story features a health care product manufacturer and distributor. This client distributes our tourniquets to hospitals across the nation. As a growing company with a long list of customers – they need a trusted supplier like KEP! So, what makes a great client relationship? Here are three things that have led to our success:

1 – KEP’s tourniquet bands are made in America – not overseas. 
Our client almost exclusively distributes our tourniquet bands to VA (Veterans Administration) Hospitals. What better way to support our heroic veterans than by caring for them with products that were created on American soil? It might prove cheaper to import the needed parts from overseas – but they see the value in our locally made products: higher quality, shorter lead times, and consistent, reliable services from people who understand their market. Time is money, and not having to wait for product to cross the ocean saves a lot of time.

2 – KEP has top-notch facilities that our clients can visit. 
The client’s team was able to visit our Mogadore facility and were impressed with what they saw. They were able to meet the KEP team members who make the tourniquets and witness firsthand our organized, clean, and efficient facility. KEP employees chatted with our visitors, sharing what they were working on and answering any questions about the tourniquet band production process. These visits always strengthen our client relationships, as they increase trust between our teams and build reassurance that they are receiving top-notch service and products.

Even if the client is unable to visit our facilities in person,  we have produced an archive of high-quality videos that provide the KEP experience. From exploring the facilities and learning about our processes to introducing staff members – they still get to see what we’re all about! Check out our videos here.

3 – Our communication is unmatched.
Aside from visiting our facilities, another aspect of our rich business relationship is something seemingly simple, but essential: consistent communication. In fact, it is due to the regular meetings that our client has decided to expand their business with us! Every week, we have a weekly Q&A session to ensure everything is on track, asking what more we can do to serve them, seeking continuous improvement, and adjusting whatever is needed in real-time. We pride ourselves in communicating frequently to stay on top of every project. If you are the type of business that thrives on great communication, then KEP is a great fit for you.

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