Surprise Family Reunion at KEP!

When KEP employee Heather Burrier woke up on a regular work day, she didn’t expect to run into her very own father at work – but life had something special in store for her! 

Heather works as a Backup Material Handler in Winesburg and has a long history with KEP. She was previously employed with us for 11 years and after taking a break, she returned to our team. It will be one year of having her back in December – we’re so glad she’s here!

Heather’s father, Joe, has been a truck driver with Schneider for 35 years. It was always a possibility that he could have a shipment pickup where Heather works, but it never happened until recently. Heather was thrilled when she got a text from her father saying he was picking up a shipment from KEP in Winesburg. What a fun surprise to run into her dad at work! 

They enjoy spending time together as a family – especially going out to breakfast! We’re grateful to have people like Heather and Joe working in our industry – dependable, loyal workers make all the difference. 

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