The Best Orthodontic Color Band Combinations for Braces

Braces are often a necessary evil for creating great smiles – and the experience doesn’t need to be all bad! For the supplier, orthodontic bands can provide a steady and recurring source of profit. For the patient, they get their teeth aligned and have an opportunity to show off their personalities. 

Many of us remember what it was like the first time we walked into school sporting new braces. That’s why we ensure KEP’s Orthodontic products do their part to make the whole experience just a little bit better. With so many options for orthodontic tubing and colors, orthodontic bands have become a canvas of self-expression. While diameter, thickness, and material are all important factors in the manufacturing of orthodontic elastomer bands, color is the most significant factor that a patient will consider at their dental or orthodontic appointment. This puts color options as an important feature when maintaining orthodontic products and supplies as a distributor.

What are Orthodontic Bands?

Orthodontic bands start off as rubber tubing made by our experts at Kent Elastomer Products, who consider the diameter sizing and colors to match the required specifications for dental alignment. Kent Elastomer partners then cut this tubing into the orthodontic bands used for braces, retainers, and other orthodontic treatments. These bands help provide the necessary compression and stability for aligning teeth. With the addition of orthodontic bands, the metal framing of braces or other dental aligners can perform as intended. They are a necessary aspect of orthodontic realignment and will always be in demand.

Kids who need braces love all of the color options, making the availability of a variety of elastic band colors important for a dental or orthodontic practice, especially as these bands are replaced and reapplied, causing the need for a continuous supply. Manufacturing options are available with natural rubber latex and latex-free elastic bands for individuals who are sensitive or allergic to latex. This entire process is optimized from start to finish to ensure orthodontic supplies are ready and available when needed.

What Is Special About Orthodontic Bands?

What makes the tubing for orthodontic bands different from other types of natural rubber latex or TPE tubes is that color has significant importance. Natural rubber latex is an amber color and needs additional ingredients to achieve a different shade. Typically, pigments are added to the latex to create different colors. 

Orthodontic Patients’ Frequently Chosen Colors 

The most significant variation in the production of orthodontic bands is the vast array of colors. By having a whole spectrum of options available, patients can pick almost any design they want, so it is important to have stock of the proper elastomer product options a practice needs. Following are a few potential braces band color ideas that require multiple colors:

Supply Red, White, and Blue Orthodontic Bands

This style is particularly appropriate in the summer months between Memorial Day and the Fourth of July or during other patriotic events.

Provide Band Colors that Celebrate a Patient’s Heritage

Providing various colors will allow patients to show their pride in their ancestry with their heritage’s national colors. This color choice could make a holiday particularly festive as well: red and gold for Chinese New Year; green for Saint Patrick’s Day; red, black, and green for Juneteenth; blue and white for Hanukkah; or green and red for Cinco de Mayo, to name a few. 

Offer Orthodontic Band Colors of Their Favorite Sports Team

Whether the patient wants to sport the colors of their favorite professional team or show support for their high school, donning the team’s colors on their braces is a great way to do it! 

Match Band Colors to Important Causes

Most causes are associated with a color or, in some cases, many colors—for example, Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October rallies behind pink. Help patients express their advocacy before they even speak with colored orthodontic bands that show their support.

Celebrate the Holidays with Festive Orthodontic Color Options

Most holidays have a traditional color scheme. For example, Halloween has become synonymous with black and orange. Why not incorporate the colors of the patient’s favorite time of the year into their braces? 

Whatever Orthodontic Band Colors The Patient Wants!

Every patient has a favorite color. By offering a full array of colors, you give them complete choice over the bands they wear. Whatever makes the patient feel confident and happy in their smile is the best color to wear. 

Give the Future Something to Smile About; Offer Orthodontic Bands Made from Kent Elastomer’s Tubing Products

As long as teeth need aligning, there will be a need for orthodontic bands. Kent Elastomer is proud to play a role in creating great smiles. We manufacture quality orthodontic bands to help orthodontic suppliers keep everyday practices in working order. Learn more about how Kent Elastomer provides quality orthodontic supplies.