Rubber improves lives across the globe. Consider where we’d be without rubber to create sturdy shoes, medical tubing, or car tires! As a rubber products manufacturer, we believe in the power of our products. At KEP, we are also proud to approach our rubber manufacturing practices in ways that show our ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability.

From green manufacturing practices to continual efforts for energy savings in our facilities, KEP sustains a level of excellence in environmental stewardship that helps reduce our use of resources so that we can share the savings with our customers.

Below are some fun facts about our environmental impact that you might not know:

  • KEP practices Lean Manufacturing, a methodology that compels everyone in the organizational chart to seek out continuous improvements and ways to eliminate waste of all kinds. We empower our team members at our facilities to look for ways to reduce our environmental impact. Lean manufacturing also helps us keep our prices competitive and consistent.
    Learn more about our Lean manufacturing practices > 
  • Natural rubber tends to break down slowly in natural conditions due to bacteria that are widely distributed throughout water, soil, and sewage. There are also techniques that can speed up the degradation of rubber by creating an ideal environment for its breakdown. In contrast, synthetic rubbers are made up of man-made petroleum-based monomers that are unlikely to breakdown in nature. This is one of the reasons why KEP is proud to be the ONLY manufacturer of American-made natural rubber latex tubing!  Learn more about the difference between natural and synthetic rubber >
  • Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) are another highly resistant tubing material that is a top choice for medical, food, and beverage industries, and beyond! Our TPE’s are eco-friendly because they are made out of non-toxic, recyclable plastics. TPE materials can often be recycled through molding or extruding processes. TPEs also consume less energy during production, further lessening its environmental footprint. Learn more about TPE products >
  • Since 2007, we have reduced our water usage by 47% and electricity usage by 10%, even in the midst of company growth. We also reduced our number of dumpster pickups dramatically, from 804 per year to only 182. Learn more about our Green Business Practices >

This benefits you. Our goal is to be our customers’ long-term, environmentally sustainable supplier. We are dedicated to fulfilling customers’ present-day needs while preserving the world for future generations. Green is an essential part of our day-to-day business; it is simply what we do and who we are.

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