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Thermoplastic Tubing in the Manufacturing Processes

Thermoplastic Tubing Used in Manufacturing Processes

Thermoplastic elastomer tubing is ideal for use in the manufacturing, distribution and industrial industries among many others due to its physical properties which make sterilization easy and allow for the use of higher temperatures without damaging the tubing.

Thermoplastic elastomer tubing has the flexibility of rubber tubing and can be reheated and remolded, however, it also has superior heat and chemical resistant properties that make it more stable when exposed to a broad range of temperatures and other materials.

Thermoplastic Elastomer Tubing Properties

Thermoplastic tubing is fit for use in manufacturing production lines and for a diverse set of industries and many other specialized applications. Resistant to ozone and abrasion, thermoplastic elastomer compounds used for manufacturing tubing retain their physical properties and exhibit thermal stability.

Many of KEP’s specific TPE compounds have an operating temperature of -40 to 195°F and are compatible for fatty food use and hot liquid use. To ensure regulatory compliance, we also offer compounds that are DEHP free, free of animal derivatives, phthalate free, BPA free and with no sources of BSE or TSE.

TPE Tubing from KEP

KEP offers FDA, NSF and USP Class VI material compounds for medical and food/beverage applications manufactured in our extrusion facility that adheres to ISO9000 and GMP guidelines.

TPE tubing from KEP is available in a wide range of sizes (from .063″ (1.6mm) I.D. with O.D.s up to 1″ (25.4mm)) and colors and compounds to fit your specific needs. Dimensions are controlled by state of the art in-line laser gauges to ensure precise and consistent tubing. Tell us about the requirements and uses for your thermoplastic elastomer tubing order and we’ll manufacture TPE tubing to your exacting specifications. Follow these links to access our TPE Tubing Technical Data Sheet and How to Calculate Tubing Size information.

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