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Thermoplastic Elastomers Offer:

1. A Safe Alternative for Individuals with Latex Allergies

For applications where latex-allergens are a concern, like the medical and surgical industry, many product manufacturers have made the switch to non-latex alternatives like thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). TPE is ideal for re-engineering existing latex products, or developing new products that require the performance of natural rubber latex, because it offers flexibility, easy sterilization, resistance, dimensional stability and more properties.  

2. Efficient Processing

While thermoplastic elastomer offers many of the in demand properties of natural rubber latex, this is coupled with the easy processability of thermoplastics. Easy processing allows TPE to be a highly efficient material choice with a versatile range of manufacturing applications – including high-volume production where fast turnaround is needed.

3. Cost Savings vs. Silicone

TPEs and silicone offer many of the same characteristics, such as great flexibility and elongation, but TPE offers superior cost savings in comparison to silicone. This is due to global shortages in the supply of silicone causing price hikes. TPE is a common, cost-effective replacement for silicone for re-engineering silicone products.

4. Outstanding Versatility

From the dentist’s office to the ballpark, thermoplastic elastomer tubing is playing an important behind-the-scenes role to facilitate a wide range of applications. Choose from FDA, NSF and USP Class VI material compounds for use in the dental tubing, food and beverage tubing, medical applications and beyond. Plus, TPE is also compatible for fatty food and hot liquid use – which is why this material is a common choice for dispensing a ballpark favorite, nacho cheese!

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