Teamwork Adds Up – to Almost 250,000 Hours!

Many people have heard of author Malcolm Gladwell’s “10,000 Hours” – the theory that it takes time to develop great skills. When you trust KEP with your product assembly services, you get a team with nearly 250,000 hours of experience working together – sharing expertise and practicing time and money saving efficiencies.

Cheri Thompson, Director of KEP Winesburg Operations, estimates that our Assembly Team has put in all these hours fulfilling project assembly tasks for our clients – for whom we also produce elastomer tubing and dip molded products.

“I have been keeping records since 2012,” Cheri says. “Based on 2080 hours in a work year, that equals more than 110 full-time years of experience.”

One key benefit of outsourcing your assembly line production services is that it can help you reduce costs. Most firms report that they experience at least a 15% decrease in the total cost by hiring another party to offer their services or produce goods.

There are many other benefits to choosing Assembly Team KEP. If your product requires assembly, our value added assembly service streamlines the manufacturing process. This allows you to get your products to market quicker – especially from our midwestern USA base, with easy distribution.

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