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Assembly Capabilities

Kent Elastomer Products offers assembly services.

KEP clients value the quality of our assembly services. We not only offer a wide range of assembly services – but also practice a continuous improvement methodology to assure high quality, efficiency, and savings that result from our assembly services.  From speedy turnaround to cost savings, KEP provides many benefits and advantages to our customers.

Different Capabilities

Many ways KEP customers benefit from our assembly services.

Our promise to offer savings and efficiency is backed by proven practices and methods. Here are a few examples of ways KEP customers save money:

  • Supply chain consolidation and management of components suppliers
  • Efficiency gains through manual or semi-automated assembly
  • Custom and/or proprietary assembly machinery
  • In-house quality inspections (incoming/outgoing) 
  • Quicker turnarounds using JIT (Just in Time) or Kanban inventory management systems

Benefits of Assembly Capabilities

What makes KEP assembly services different? Our people.

Since 2006, part of every KEP employee training included an immersion in LEAN practices and principles. Our people are encouraged to look for ways to improve customer service in every task they undertake – including custom, assembly services. 

Employee Longevity Contributes to Quality Assembly

Another advantage for our customers is the depth of industry know-how provided by our overall employee longevity.  That’s value. Procurement professionals have to weigh the balance between hiring manufacturers/assemblers both domestic and overseas with high employee turnover and firmly-established manufacturing/assembling companies teamed by employees with decades of industry experience.

Cheap labor comes at a cost – regardless of industry. Companies with high turnover will lose employees at the drop of a dime. This causes disruption to staffing that trickles down to erratic assembly rates and customer service. The high frequency in assembly we achieve due to the muscle memory of tenured employees provides value our competitors cannot offer. 

By encouraging employee growth and responsibility Kent Elastomer Products offers our customer partners average tenure with KEP is approximately 18+ years for salaried team members and more than 10 years for our non-salaried team. That longevity and loyalty is what makes our culture so strong and our industry expertise so deep.  This factor illustrates the KEP difference. It is our single most contributing factor to the value we provide our customers. 

KEP Offers Assembly Solutions for Many Industries

Our customers come from a diverse array of different industries. To name a few, we produce and inventory products for customers in the following industries: 

  • Medical and surgical supplies – tubing and dip-molded parts
  • Food and beverage – food-grade tubing and fittings 
  • Laboratory supplies – latex tubing, tourniquet bands, and more
  • Sports and leisure products – natural rubber latex tubing and components

What does KEP assemble and inventory?

KEP works with customers to assemble Food & Beverage tubing, Medical Tubing, Sports and Leisure tubing, and beyond. We can also assist with Just In Time or Kanban inventory systems to allow for quicker turnarounds to meet your deadlines. If you have a project that requires unique equipment or space, let’s talk. KEP will work with you to find an accommodating solution.  

KEP assembly services are available for nearly every product that we can manufacture parts for. 

KEP will offer assembly solutions for projects in which we create a component (ie, tubing or dip-molded part .)

In addition to assembly services, many customers also choose KEP for labeling and packaging services.

KEP Capabilities

KEP offers a wide variety of sizes for assembled products

Customers frequently ask what are our limitations for the size of assembled products. KEP offers a wide range of sizes for the items we produce and assemble. Some can be very small, precise tubing items. On the opposite end of the range are the larger dip molded products – which come to far fewer to a pallet. Still, they are assembled, inventoried, and shipped with efficiency. No matter the size and scope of the assembly required, if it involves a tube or dip-molded product made by KEP, we’ll take a look at the assembly. 

Tell us about your component and assembly needs – and discover how your job is made easier with in-house custom assembly from Kent Elastomer Products. 

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