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What Is Spooled Reel Tubing?

Spooled tubing is rolled and stored on a spool rather than packaged in cut lengths and stored in a box or bin. Spooled reel tubing allows for easy dispensing and totally customized cut lengths.

There are virtually no limits on what types of tubing can be spooled. As long as the tubing is flexible enough, a spooled reel is a viable option for storage and dispensing. Whether you need food-grade tubing for food and beverage dispensing, medical or surgical tubing for specialty healthcare applications, or biopharmaceutical tubing for bioprocessing solutions, you can reap the benefits for spooled reel tubing.


Applications of Reeler Tubing

Many industries rely on high-quality tubing to store, dispense, and transport fluids and materials safely.

Food & Beverage

Food-safe tubing is used to dispense everything from ketchup and nacho cheese to coffee to soda and coffee creamer. Storing food-safe tubing on a reel makes it much easier to cut the exact length needed when replacing a piece of tubing, so there’s no excess tubing to contend with and no waste.


There are myriad uses for tubing in medical settings. From blood pressure cuffs to fluid pathways or drug delivery, medical tubing dispensed from a spooled reel can be cut to the exact length necessary. And because tubing is cut exactly at the moment when it’s needed, the risk of contamination is reduced.


Biopharmaceutical tubing plays a critical role in many processing and manufacturing stages, protecting delicate pathogens as they’re transported from one unit to another. Spooled tubing allows for efficient replacement of biopharmaceutical tubing in industry settings and reduced risk of contamination.


Benefits of Reeler Tubing

Spooled reel tubing offers several key advantages for users in any industry. From productivity benefits to reduced risk of contamination, opting for spooled reel tubing can result in multiple improvements to daily operations.

Easy to Store

Spooled tubing allows for more efficient use of space. Up to a thousand feet of tubing can be stored on a single spool, which is easier to store than multiple large boxes.

Reduces Waste

Opting for spooled reel tubing leads to waste reduction in several ways. First, because every piece of tubing can be cut to the exact length needed for a given application, the issue of having an odd, unusable length of leftover tubing is all but entirely eliminated. Second, a single spool uses far less plastic and cardboard packaging than shorter cut lengths of tubing, resulting in less waste material.

Easy to Dispense

There is an undeniable efficiency to spooled reel tubing. Users can simply dispense as much tubing as they need and make a single cut, rather than pulling tubing out of a plastic package, searching for a loose end, and putting it away afterward.

Less Contamination

Every cut is an opportunity for contamination to enter the tube. A longer length of tubing on a spool means fewer cuts overall, and cuts can be made at the exact moment when the tubing is needed.


Customized Tubing Options From KEP

Kent Elastomer Products is a leading manufacturer of high-quality spooled reel tubing for a wide variety of applications. Virtually any of our extruded tubing products can be spooled for easy dispensing and efficient tubing storage. Whether you’re looking for food-safe tubing, medical and surgical tubing, or biopharmaceutical tubing, you can count on KEP for customization and flexible solutions.

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