Dip Molded Parts

Enjoy the flexibility of ordering dip-molded parts from Kent Elastomer Products, Inc.

We collaborate with your company to manufacture the right dip-molded part to your exacting specifications – one that fits the form and functionality of your application.

You gain:

  • A wide selection of shapes, sizes and wall thicknesses.
  • A specialty line of latex and non-latex compounds to choose from, including natural rubber latex, neoprene and synthetic polyisoprene.
  • Small to medium-run batches, helping you meet tough deadlines.
  • Low-cost prototype development.
  • The expertise of a seasoned design staff that can help you minimize start-up costs and shorten product-development cycles.

Dimension Requirements

  • Part dimensions can range from 1″ (25.4mm) to 20″ (508mm) in length and .25″ (6.35mm) to 12″ (304mm) in diameter.
  • There will be a uniform wall thickness throughout the entire part.
  • Parts can be no larger than five times the diameter of the open end. This allows us to strip the part from the dipping form without unnecessary stretching or damage.

Contact us if you have an unusual shape or size – we may be able to meet your specifications.

Form Guidelines

  • Forms should have rounded contours. This enables material to flow during the dipping process.
  • Please avoid sharp angles and/or flat surfaces that run parallel to the material’s surface.
  • You can provide forms or we can create forms for you that meet your specifications. If you want us to create your forms, please provide detailed dimensional drawings. It helps ensure that we tool the forms accurately.

Contact us to learn more about our dip-molding process and dip-mold parts!


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