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Custom Dip Molding

Dip Molding

Customers in the medical and surgical industry and beyond rely on KEP for dip molded products that offer high quality and consistency, every time. Popular dip molded products include ultrasound probe covers, medical attenuation gloves and many other types of custom dip molding. 

Our processes for custom dip molding give our customers the ability to manufacture dip molded products that fit the unique demands and requirements of their application.

Custom Dip Molding & Prototypes 

At KEP, we help manufacture dip molded prototypes to our customer’s exacting specifications. This means that our customers don’t have to search for the perfect pre-existing form or settle for a similar form to meet their needs. We protect the intellectual property rights of our customers during all stages of dip-molded part prototype development. 

Custom Dip Molding Process

There are three stages to our process – Consultation, Prototype Process, and finally, Pricing and Lead Times. In the Consultation stage we sit down with our customers to learn all there is to know about the dip molded products they want to manufacture. From size, shape and function, to dip molding materials and other important factors, our customers provide all the specifics – including drawings for their prototypes. 

Next we begin the Prototype Process and put a plan in place for how to manufacture our customers’ prototypes. We use part dimensions to help our customers design the tool that will form an accurate shape during the dip molding process. Depending on the size, shape, weight and durability requirements of the prototype, our forms are typically made of stainless steel, aluminum or polypropylene. We work with our long standing partners to source tooling, but customers may also provide their own tooling or use their own vendor.

The final stage is providing Pricing and Lead Times. One of the benefits about choosing dip molding for your manufactured product is that we can offer fast turnarounds once the forms are produced. We can make as many or as few prototypes as our customers want. The cost is accessible to just about any business who is interested in launching a new product line or is just getting started with their product offerings. 

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Ready to get started, or still have questions? Learn more about each stage of our Dip Molded Part Prototype Development process, or contact us today to talk with our experts about bringing your dip molded prototype to life! In addition to working with our experienced Sales and Service Team, during the process you will also interface with experts from our operations department and, depending on the part, technical department.

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