Sports and Leisure Tubing

What do spear guns, fishing line, parachutes and sling shots have in common? Kent Elastomer Products, Inc.

We partner with customers who use our natural latex tubing and dip-molded products in a variety of sports and recreational applications, like exercise tubing and paint ball guns. Our flexible tubing and dip-molded options come in a multitude of colors and compounds. We can match virtually any color to meet your product specs.

For applications that are susceptible to oils, UV light and strong oxidizers like ozone, we offer our K-911 tubing coating compound. It provides up to three-times the life span of other natural rubber latex compounds while maintaining the physical properties of natural rubber.

All of our products are made in the U.S., allowing us to provide excellent lead times for your order. You also can take advantage of our assembly options to help streamline your manufacturing process.

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Sports and Leisure Applications Sheet