Latex Tubing for Food Grade and Medical Applications

Smooth. Natural. Elastic. Gripping.

Natural rubber latex tubing from Kent Elastomer Products, Inc. has a reputation for being some of the most consistent and reliable latex tubing in the marketplace.

We’re the only manufacturer of natural rubber latex tubing in the U.S., and we take this responsibility seriously. More than 50 years of experience is inside each one of our products, which you’ll find in medical, dental, therapy, food and beverage, and exercise applications, just to name a few.

We extensively leach, wash and surface-treat our latex tubing to virtually undetectable protein levels (99.9% protein-free), helping to reduce allergen reactions.

Create your order exactly the way you need it, including:

Compound: Click here to learn more about the performance characteristics of our natural rubber latex tubing, as well as access technical specs on our compounds.

Color: While our standard colors include natural amber and black, we can match your order to almost any color. Just send us your specs!

Size: We offer more than 200 size combinations that depend on:

    • I.D.s – Ranging from .031″ (.787mm) to 1″ (25.4mm).
    • Wall thicknesses – Available between .015″ (.381mm) to .333″ (8.458mm).

Length: We developed a custom cutting process where we can cut tubing in lengths from .063″ (1.6mm) to 50′ (15.24m) depending on size.

Packaging: We package individual orders to customers’ packaging and labeling requirements. We also offer three standard options to choose from:

    • Reel Pack – Convenient dispensing reel that contains 50′ (15.24m) of tubing.
    • Box Pack – Sturdy, flip-top box that holds 50′ (15.24m) or 100′ (30.48m) of tubing depending on size.
    • Bulk Pack – Large shipping box that contains random tubing lengths depending on size and quantity.

Contact us to learn more about rubber tubing and medical latex tubing from Kent Elastomer Products. 

If you have an application that deters or restricts using latex products, we offer a complete line of non-latex tubing manufactured from Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)Click here to learn more about this product, which closely simulates natural rubber latex properties.


Latex Tubing Technical Data Sheet  |  How to Calculate Tubing Size