PVC Tubing

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) tubing from Kent Elastomer Products, Inc. is a strong choice for applications that require stability and excellent resistance to flames, tears, corrosion, weather, chemicals, impact and electricity. It’s a solid fit inside many laboratory, food and medical applications.

Our PVC tubing meets FDA and U.S.P. Class VI requirements. It’s also non-toxic and inert, and boasts superb clarity.

We always produce each PVC tubing order to your exacting specifications:

  • Color: Show us your color specs. We can match virtually any color, and offer clear or transparent options, as well.
  • Compound: Click here for an in-depth look at our PVC compound options. We create a wide range of custom compounds, including silicone alternatives, gamma stable and non-DEHP.
  • Size: We can manufacture PVC tubing from .063″ (1.6mm) I.D. with O.D.s up to 1″ (25.4mm) in a variety of wall thicknesses.
  • Packaging: We can create custom coils or cut tubing to the lengths you need.

Safety and compliance are our key priorities. We produce all of our FDA non-latex materials at our SQF-certified food safety extrusion facility in Mogadore, Ohio.

Contact us to find out more about medical PVC tubing or tubing for other applications from Kent Elastomer Products, Inc.


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