Biopharmaceutical Tubing Design Advantages

Uses of BioVTEX TPE Biopharmaceutical Tubing

Kent Elastomer Products proudly plays a role in contributing to medical progress with our newest development in the biopharmaceutical industry: BioVTEX Biopharmaceutical Tubing. BioVTEX helps our customers stay competitive in the rapidly evolving landscape of biopharmaceuticals and delivers life-saving therapies to patients worldwide. Engineered to meet the highest medical industry standards, BioVTEX TPE biopharmaceutical tubing from KEP provides biopharmaceutical solutions for fluid processing. This care includes pharmaceutical and biotech processing, ultra-pure sterile fluid transfer, and more applications.

a revolutionary new tpe biopharmaceutical tubing from Kent Elastomer Polymers

Differences Between BioVTEX Biopharmaceutical & TPE Tubing

Learn about what sets Kent Elastomer Products’ BioVTEX Biopharmaceutical Tubing apart from standard TPE medical tubing. Discover why it’s a cost-efficient and durable solution for biopharmaceutical applications.

Standard TPE Tubing

Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) tubing proves a popular choice when a medical application demands flexibility, adaptability, and cost-efficiency. Healthcare providers commonly use TPE tubing in single-use systems. Common issues that may affect standard TPE medical tubing are complications regarding the use life of the attached medical pump. Additionally, there are occasional concerns over the ability to resist chemicals and the threat of leachables from either the tubing itself or other contaminants. Finally, they may have a propensity to burst. 

BioVTEX Tubing

A few design advantages make BioVTEX TPE tubing exceptional in the medical world. First, designers strove for BioVTEX  to extend the pump life of peristaltic pumps commonly used in biopharmaceutical manufacturing. BioVTEX Biopharmaceutical Tubing resists aggressive chemicals, minimizes leachables, and is engineered to have exceptional burst strength. 

Design Advantages of BioVTEX


BioVTEX biopharmaceutical tubing delivers superior durability. It maintains its physical properties following sterilization processes, is resistant to chemicals, and provides excellent kink resistance, making it a smart choice for handling sensitive biologics and medical interventions where flexibility and maneuverability are crucial. Full Biophorum Operations Group (BPOG) extractable test protocols have been performed on BioVTEX tubing by a fully accredited, third-party test lab to verify there are very low levels of extractables and leachables. With its exceptional burst strength, BioVTEX medical tubing is also capable of withstanding the rigorous pressures and stresses encountered during fluid transfer and pumping operations. The durability of BioVTEX TPE biopharmaceutical tubing, including its resistance to wear, abrasion, and premature degradation, helps maximize the life of peristaltic pumps.


BioVTEX biopharmaceutical tubing helps maintain uninterrupted processes and enhance operational efficiency by delivering excellent durability and extended pump life. When used in single-use systems, BioVTEX TPE tubing also eliminates the need for cleaning and sterilization after each use. This efficiency leads to substantial savings in operational costs.

Cost-Effective & Sustainable

The innovative formulation and reliability of BioVTEX TPE tubing help prevent costly downtime in medical settings. BioVTEX TPE tubing in single-use systems also reduces water and energy consumption associated with cleaning processes and minimizes waste, which helps biopharmaceutical companies contribute to a more environmentally responsible and sustainable future. This tubing in a single-use system decreases total water and energy consumption by 46% and offers a 35% more favorable CO2 footprint. BioVTEX TPE tubing can also lower initial investment costs by 40%, proving that helping the planet can be cost-effective and beneficial. Further studies show that the tubing reduction in water and energy is comparable to reusable/durable metal systems.


Biopharmaceutical Tubing Solutions From KEP

Kent Elastomer Products strives to deliver superior-quality biopharmaceutical solutions that are safe and compliant. BioVTEX TPE biopharmaceutical tubing complies with USP Class VI and ISO biocompatibility standards and is engineered to give you confidence in your biopharmaceutical solutions. Superior quality does not stop on the manufacturing floor. When you partner with KEP, you also receive unparalleled customer support and access to value-added services to take your solution from prototype to finished product. We want to help you find the tubing best suited for your needs – talk to our experts at KEP today about your specific requirements.

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