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Dip-Molded Medical Device Components

KEP manufactures high-quality, dip-molded medical device components that are trusted by medical professionals and hospitals to deliver consistent solutions for patients nationwide. KEP’s custom-made dip-molded parts are used for a wide range of medical procedures and uses including anesthesia delivery, doctor exams, surgical procedures, emergency uses, and more.

Dip-Molded Medical Device Component Products:

  • Anesthesia Bellows
  • Attenuation Gloves
  • Breather Bags
  • Colon Balloons
  • Finger Cots
  • Gastric Pressure Balloons
  • Hearing Aid Covers
  • Neck Seals
    • Barometric Chambers
    • Escape Hoods
  • Prostate Balloons
  • Syringe Covers
  • Tourniquets
  • Ultrasound Probe Covers
  • Vein Stripper
  • Wound Drains

KEP partners with its customers to deliver the prototypes, tooling, dipping processes and delivery solutions that meet their exacting specifications while minimizing start-up costs and meeting customer goals and timelines.


Dip Molded Prototype Development

Move your idea to the marketplace through our prototype development services.

High-Quality Compounds

Choose from our specialty line of latex and non-latex compounds at KEP for high-quality, durable dip-molded medical device components. Compounds include natural rubber latex, neoprene, and synthetic polyisoprene. These materials can all be sterilized, which is ideal for medical applications. Not sure which compound is best for your application? Natural rubber is ideal for applications that require excellent tear strength, high resistance to abrasion, and superior flexibility – however, natural rubber latex carries proteins that can cause a Type I allergic reaction.

If allergies are a concern, neoprene and synthetic polyisoprene might be a better fit for your medical device components. In addition to being non-allergenic, neoprene is resistant to flames, oil (moderate), weather, ozone cracking, abrasion, flex cracking, alkalis, and acids. Synthetic polyisoprene also offers superb durability, resistance, and flexibility. Check out our Dipped Material Comparison Chart to learn more about which compound is ideal for your application based on characteristics, tensile strength, thickness range and more.

Meeting the Demands of the Medical Industry

Choose from a wide selection of shapes, sizes and wall thicknesses for your dip-molded medical device component applications. Part dimensions can range from 1″ (25.4mm) to 20″ (508mm) in length and .25″ (6.35mm) to 12″ (304.8mm) in diameter. Need an unusual size or shape? Ask KEP if we can accommodate your needs. KEP helps customers meet the demands of the medical industry by providing custom solutions. To help customers meet tough deadlines, we have the ability to run small to medium-run batches.

Prototype Development

From consultation and design to a working prototype, our prototype development process for dip-molded medical device components is low cost and efficient. We ask that customers provide forms with rounded contours to enable the material to flow during the dipping process – avoid sharp angles and flat surfaces that run parallel to the material’s surface.

Customers may provide forms or our experts can create a form and develop a prototype based on customer’s specifications. Providing our experts with detailed dimensional drawings helps ensure that we tool the forms accurately. We are able to do a prototype run for testing prior to production.

Dip-Molded Medical Device Component Solutions

KEP custom dip-molded medical device components tout high-performance and durability for a wide range of medical procedures and uses. Our value-added services include design and prototyping, assembly, packaging and inventory management, including Kanban shipping. In addition to ensuring quality and consistency through our manufacturing processes, our facilities also strictly adhere to safety and industry guidelines to further protect our customers’ bottom-line.

KEP dip-molded medical device component solutions are made in the U.S.A. and boast high-quality, shorter lead times and hassle-free, accessible customer service. Ask KEP how we can meet your exacting specifications, company deadlines, and budget!

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