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A Successful Kaizen Event – for a Great Cause

A Successful Kaizen Event For the Ben Curtis Family Foundation KEP brought our A-team out – which has had hundreds of successful Kaizen events – to partner with a local nonprofit, the Ben Curtis Family Foundation, to reevaluate their warehouse. The goal of these...

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Autumn Isn’t Complete Without KEP Anniversaries

2019 Autumn Anniversaries  Many highly anticipated events come in September – from the release of your favorite pumpkin spice coffee flavors to the leaves beginning to change colors. While we think those things are great, nothing tops our team member anniversaries at...

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Meet Cheri Thompson

Cheri Thompson, a KEP team member for 35 years, currently holds a role as Manager of Winesburg Operations. Cheri works hard to coordinate team member responsibilities with our customers' requirements in order to keep our business on track – and our customers happy!...

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Meet Dylan Bowman

Dylan Bowman, an assembler at our Mogadore facility, has been a KEP team member for two years this September! Dylan is a consistent and hardworking team member whose responsibilities include assembling our custom coil products to our customers' exacting...

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August 2021 Anniversaries

August 2021 Anniversaries As students head back to the classroom this fall, many returning to in-person learning for the first time in over a year, learning together again is a main focus. Our employees might not be in the classroom anymore – but they know a thing or...

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Meet Ana Isabel Diaz-Rangel

Ana Isabel Diaz-Rangel is approaching her one year anniversary with KEP! An assembler in our Mogadore facility, Ana's hard work and dedication to high-quality helps us exceed expectations and maintain assembly as a value-added service for our customers. Ana's advice...

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July 2021 Anniversaries

July 2021 Anniversaries With the Summer Olympic Games kicking off this month we're already cheering on Team USA, who's been preparing for their chance at Gold and to represent our great country – but we will always celebrate the hardworking teams in our facilities,...

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June 2021 Anniversaries

June 2021 Anniversaries We're all getting ready to see the night sky lit up with fireworks and sparklers – but at KEP, our team members are the spark that keeps our facilities shining every day! Please join us in celebrating another amazing group with anniversaries...

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Meet Mizusa Hagen

Mizusa Hagen joined the KEP team 2 years ago – and we hope to keep her for many more! Mizusa works as an assembler in our Mogadore facility where her primary focus is assembling products with tight tolerances and critical surface quality requirements. Dedicated to...

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Challenges…and all the details.

Challenges ... and all the details.  Greg Graham, KEP Director of Extrusion Operations, is ALL about the details. From answering capability questions to walking customers through the manufacturing process – Greg dives into the details to determine the most efficient...

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May 2021 Anniversaries

As we all celebrate spring this month, don't forget to also celebrate our team members with anniversaries! Out of this group, we would like to highlight Dorothy Stein, an assembler at our Winesburg facility who rounded out an impressive 42 years with KEP. Fun fact:...

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Meet Melanie Day

Melanie Day has been a team member at KEP for the long haul! Melanie first worked on the strip line at our Winesburg facility from 1991-2004. She then returned to KEP in 2019 and has been a line coach at Winesburg since. Melanie's daily contributions to our strip line...

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Meet Durrell Jenkins

Durrell Jenkins, a KEP team member for over 2 years, currently works as a custom dipping operator at our Kent facility. Durrell is the jack of all trades! He held a position as a dip room operator, then an extrusion operator, before assuming his current role. Durrell...

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Big Picture Accountability

Big Picture Accountability Cheri Thompson, Manager of Winesburg Operations, keeps everyone on task, making sure our business runs smoothly without interruption. Cheri not only keeps our team accountable, she’s always available – and employs an open-door policy with...

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April 2021 Anniversaries

April 2021 Anniversaries April showers bring May flowers – and a fresh batch of KEP team members celebrating anniversaries! This month we have a combined 193 years to celebrate, a HUGE number for a relatively small (but mighty) group of team members! We have two team...

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Meet Ken Jarvis

Ken Jarvis, an operator/lead person at our Kent facility, has been a KEP team member for 3 years. Ken's commitment to quality and precision is put to work as he oversees the production of natural rubber latex tubing and process changeovers to fulfill customer orders. ...

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Medical & Surgical Tubing

For tubing products suppliers that serve the medical and surgical industry, partnering with a manufacturer that offers high quality products backed by thorough quality assurance practices and adheres to the different standards for medical products is essential. For...

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Polyvinyl Chloride – What it is, How it’s made

KEP offers high-quality flexible PVC tubing products. Trusted by a wide range of industries, PVC offers the performance you need for a diverse set of applications.What is PVC? Polyvinyl chloride, also known as PVC, is a durable and versatile material that’s commonly...

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Tube Assembly & More

Kent Elastomer Products offers assembly services. KEP clients value the quality of our assembly services. We not only offer a wide range of assembly services – but also practice a continuous improvement methodology to assure high quality, efficiency, and savings that...

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Team KEP Commands the Court

KEP isn't on the basketball court this season, but we are working as a team to help our customers take command of their game! Whether we're helping customers overcome product challenges or providing smart solutions that help them exceed business goals or industry...

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Best In Our Bracket

KEP is the Best In Our Bracket KEP isn't on the basketball court this season, but we are working as a team to help our customers take command of their game! Whether we're helping customers overcome product challenges or providing smart solutions that help them exceed...

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March 2021 Anniversaries

March 2021 Anniversaries Happy St. Patrick’s Day! It’s no secret that our lucky charm and the key to our success is an outstanding team!Our team of experts give you decades of product development experience. For KEP, improvement is more than a set of tools, it is our...

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February 2021 Anniversaries

February 2021 Anniversaries Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow earlier this month, so it looks like we're in for a longer winter. But we don't rely on groundhogs to predict the future here. We already know that our team members are dedicated to KEP for the long-haul!...

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Helping Families Served by RMHA

Helping Families Served by RMHA Our team at KEP recently wrapped up this year’s donation drive for the Ronald McDonald House of Akron. We raised a total of $22,056 to donate! On January 19th, 2021, KEP team members Keith Wengerd, April Butcher, Michael Stecyk, Cheri...

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Meet Shelly Lucas

Shelly Lucas has been an extrusion operator at our Mogadore facility for 10 years and has 17 years overall with the company! Shelly is always focused on doing her job with precision – making her a great source for catching any quality issues and helping us maintain...

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January 2021 Anniversaries

January 2021 Anniversaries It's a New Year, but the dedication of our team is nothing new! Join us in celebrating the KEP team members with anniversaries this month. Of this group, David Martin, weekend shift leader at Kent, and Yolanda Brinkley, Custom Dip inspector...

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2020 Seniority Awards

2020 Seniority Awards This month we want to spotlight KEP's 2020 Seniority Awards recipients! Once a team member reaches 5 years of employment with KEP, they receive an award and their choice of gift. Additional awards are given out at each 5-year increment...

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What To Expect When You Partner with Kent Elastomer Products

What To Expect When You Partner with Kent Elastomer Products “Our prospective customers become interested in what we do only after they understand how much we care. Our sales and service team's mission is to show genuine care and concern for each of our customers'...

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Meet Sarah Plum

Sarah Plum has been a custom dip operator at our Kent facility for five years, after starting as an assembler at our Mogadore facility. Sarah recently finished training to run all lines in custom dip. Sarah is a hard worker who prides herself on completing her jobs...

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We’re happy to help!

The KEP sales process usually starts with a simple question from a potential customer – “Can you help us?” And our response is “Happy to help!” From this root question, our sales and service team members take our customers down many paths to ensure we provide the...

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